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Mountain Spring Water: Our Spring Water is sourced from the pristine mountains in San Diego County, Laguna and Palomar. We remove unwanted particles through carbon and micron filtration. To ensure purity, we add a process called ozonation. Ozone is bubbled through the water to ensure it is bacteriologically safe.

Drinking Water: We conduct a multi-step process including carbon filtration to remove unwanted particles. Then we utilize reverse osmosis to remove dissolved solids and ozonation to ensure purity. The result? High-quality water.

Purified Water: This is water in its purest form with essentially all minerals removed. Deionization is used on our drinking water to remove all remaining salts and minerals. It is calorie-free and sugar-free.

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Drinking Water
  5 gallon bottle
3 gallon bottle
1 gallon bottle (6 units per box)

    Mountain Spring Water
    5 gallon bottle  
              3 gallon bottle  
1.5 liter (12 units per box)
        1 liter (12 units per box) Flat Cap & Sport Cap       .5 liter (24 units per box) Flat Cap & Sport Cap      

Bottle Deposit*          $7.00*
*In order to secure the return of our bottles, we charge a deposit for each bottle at setup. If there is a change in the number of bottles in your possession, the deposit charge or credit will reflect on your monthly statement. The deposit is refunded upon return of bottles at termination of service.

*Wholesale pricing available. Call or email for more information.
Crocks and Dispensers
Dispenser Rentals

Cook & Cold Dispenser
For room temp and cold water $8.00/mo

Hot & Cold Dispenser
For instant hot and cold water $8.00/mo

Ceramic Crock with oak stand $3.50/mo

*Highest quality, low cost
*1-year warranty
*Lightweight blow molded cabinet with continuous color throughout
*Patented "inside-out" chilling of the water
*Stainless steel reservoir
*Holds 3 & 5 gallon bottles
*Call for pricing
Porelain Dispensor Crocks
3 Tier, 2 Tier, Oak Counter-Top Stands