Products and Descriptions

Mountain Spring Water: Our Spring Water is sourced from the pristine mountains in San Diego County, Laguna and Palomar. We remove unwanted particles through carbon and micron filtration. To ensure purity, we add a process called ozonation. Ozone is bubbled through the water to ensure it is bacteriologically safe.

Drinking Water: We conduct a multi-step process including carbon filtration to remove unwanted particles. Then we utilize reverse osmosis to remove dissolved solids and ozonation to ensure purity. The result? High-quality water.

Purified Water: This is water in its purest form with essentially all minerals removed. Deionization is used on our drinking water to remove all remaining salts and minerals. It is calorie-free and sugar-free.
Crocks and Dispensers
Dispenser Rentals

Cook & Cold Dispenser
For room temp and cold water.  $8.00/mo
Hot & Cold Dispenser
For instant hot and cold water $8.00/mo
Ceramic Crock with oak stand $3.50/mo

Available for Purchase
Oasis Reconditioned Cook & 
Cold and Hot & Cold 
*Highest quality, low cost
*1-year warranty
*Lightweight blow molded cabinet with continuous color throughout
*Patented "inside-out" chilling of the water
*Stainless steel reservoir
*Holds 3 & 5 gallon bottles
*Call for pricing

Porcelain Dispenser Crocks
Oak counter-top, 2 Tier, 3 Tier Stands